One of the most useful things any startup business owner can do is to attend as many relevant networking events as possible. Events allow industry movers and shakers to meet, mingle and explore new business connections, innovations and opportunities .

Obviously in the current environment this is easier said than done, but there are still many ways business owners can engage with like-minded people to help build a network of support to take their business to the next level.

As someone who has worked in the events industry for over 16 years, I am of course incredibly bias towards events…

Welcome to January 2020. It’s a New Year and a NEW DECADE — welcome to the roaring 20s.

January is seen by many as an opportunity for a fresh new start. Crisp clean diary pages give the sense of potential. This year I’m going to be so much more productive…” is the mantra for many on the first day back to work.

Which is why the US-based National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals have named January the “Get Organized month” and we’re jumping on-board.

Here are our tips to get your January off on a more industrious foot (and…

Trade shows are great for business. Simple.

They offer a place where you can be in a room full of people who you know are your audience — the show floor is filled with potential new customers, and it’s a chance to get to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry (and your competition).

But if you’re looking to exhibit for the first time, it can be daunting just trying to find the right trade show, particularly for a start-up or small business who perhaps are limited on resources.

After fifteen years in the exhibition industry I’ve learnt…

“PR worked in two ways. It worked in terms of traffic and sales. Also worked in terms of creditability.” Julian Hearn, Founder and CMO, Huel

If you think hiring a PR company is just a case of writing a few press releases think again.

It’s all about storytelling and having someone with the right experience and knowledge to not only shout about your brand but get your name out there to the right audience at the right time. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider working with a PR company…


The innovation theory is a great way…

Summer is here! Clients are off on their holidays and the events season is taking a (slight) break. If you have a little more breathing space day-to-day, then it’s the perfect time to really use it to your benefit and give both yourself and your business a boost.

When things are busy, we all fall victim to tidying up things as we go — be it our diary, emails or even our desk. So, there’s no time like the present than to have a bit of a clear-out and organise the things you keep putting off. …


It’s all about Girl Power (sorry we are still on a bit of a Spice Girls hype!). Yes, there are plenty of women working in the event industry in many roles from organisers through to managing directors and we salute them!

However, our founder and director at 52eight3, Katie Morhen, really is passionate about a part of the industry she works in — event technology — as she truly believes there are so many new and exciting opportunities for women in this field. So how can you as peers show your support?

Katie Morhen - 52eight3

We are 52eight3 — a communications agency for the events and live entertainment industries

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