How to Maximise your Downtime this Summer

Katie Morhen - 52eight3
2 min readAug 13, 2019


Summer is here! Clients are off on their holidays and the events season is taking a (slight) break. If you have a little more breathing space day-to-day, then it’s the perfect time to really use it to your benefit and give both yourself and your business a boost.

When things are busy, we all fall victim to tidying up things as we go — be it our diary, emails or even our desk. So, there’s no time like the present than to have a bit of a clear-out and organise the things you keep putting off. And you know what they say, a clearer space, a clearer mind.

Refresh and rethink

A quiet spell is an ideal time to plan ahead for the rest of the year. Have you had a chance to look at your website lately? Does it need updating? Are your meta keywords accurate? All of these things will set you up nicely going forward.

This also goes hand in hand with planning your content for the remainder of the year — PR, blogs, newsletters and any key dates you need to focus on. Review your marketing strategies; if your marketing and PR is falling short of what you expected, it could be time to look at hiring in a PR professional or agency to help maximise all of your news and work?

Personal development is another thing that falls to the bottom of your list when you’re working all hours, so when the workload is a little lighter, spend some time expanding your skillset. It could be going on a course or reading self-improvement books, anything that will enhance your skills is a plus.


In our industry, August is typically the month where there are fewer events, but there are still some summer networking dates in the calendar, so our advice is to try to get out and make some new contacts. If your job role permits, book in at least one meeting each week too — with old or new clients, so long as you are out there, it’s going to be productive.

Here at 52eight3 we are always happy to provide support — whether it be marketing strategies or PR planning. So do get in touch on and have a great summer!



Katie Morhen - 52eight3

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