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It’s all about Girl Power (sorry we are still on a bit of a Spice Girls hype!). Yes, there are plenty of women working in the event industry in many roles from organisers through to managing directors and we salute them!

However, our founder and director at 52eight3, Katie Morhen, really is passionate about a part of the industry she works in — event technology — as she truly believes there are so many new and exciting opportunities for women in this field. So how can you as peers show your support?

We Are All Equal

No matter the size of the company, there are most likely future female leaders there, working their way up. If you’re in management and spot this talent, make sure your employees know their worth. Recognition not restricted to event tech, but as it is often thought of as a male-dominated industry, it can sometimes be harder for women to rise through the ranks. No matter the gender, skills and talent need to be nurtured.

Women Support Women

There are some fantastic association events that are dedicated to women in the industry. I have attended a number of them — including ones such as the togetHER Women in Tourism and Events.

Also, there are some amazing female advocates at board level on associations too — EventShaper’s Lou Kiwanuka is the vice-chair of ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association).

And don’t forget there are many schemes that are designed to recognize talent such as the Exhibition News 30under30 — make sure you nominate your worthy colleagues and give them the recognition they deserve.

These events are not only wonderful networking tools for you as an individual and your business, they also build up a sense of community among the industry. My advice really is to get out to as many (relevant) events as you can.

Get Social

Social media — it’s one of the easiest ways to shout about the work that you — or your female colleagues are doing. Whether it’s a networking event or awards ceremony, or even a recent work achievement or new client win, then shout about it on social. There’s even a handy hashtag to use — #womenineventtech. Be sure to check it out and see just how much is going on!

Join the Women in Event Tech Group

There is a wonderful international community Women in Event Tech who organise meet-ups and have a proactive social following. Join the group, host events and get involved!

So please support women in event tech — there are great things happening!

We would love to hear your ideas and comments, why not contact us on hello@52eight3.com.



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